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The Family Law Act (for married couples) and the Family Court Act (for defacto partners) provide the methodology for determining how assets are divided upon the breakdown of a relationship.

What a person in entitled to receive is different in every case. It requires an individual assessment of matters specific to you. For example, the individual contributions of the parties and their future needs are relevant.

In some cases spousal/partner maintenance may be appropriate.

It is important to note that the law has  changed in relation to superannuation splitting in defacto relationships. Superannuation interests can now be split.

Hopefully the parties can reach an agreement through negotiation and mediation. Consent Orders should be prepared for filing in the Family Court to properly finalise the matter and make the agreement enforceable.

Godolphin Legal can assist with the preparation and drafting of the Consent Orders to ensure that all relevant issues are taken into account.

However if an agreement is not possible through negotiation or mediation, a judicial decision may be required.

Terry has over 15 years experience in financial cases and the expertise to provide strong and strategic legal representation to ensure you receive your just entitlement. Contact us for your obligation free initial consultation and enquire about our reasonable rates.

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