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Being a small firm, Godolphin Legal is in a position to offer very competitive legal services.

Family law is a complex area and we strongly recommend that you obtain initial legal advice. We offer an initial consultation at a discounted price of $250 for a one hour appointment. At this interview we advise our clients of their overall legal position and the most cost effective option to resolve their legal issue.

Upon receiving legal advice, some of our clients decide that they do not need further legal representation and wish to conduct their own matters. Others feel confident about conducting their own negotiations and representing themselves, but require assistance with preparing documentation.

However some of our clients require full representation because, for example, the relationship with the other party has completely broken down and there is a power imbalance between the parties.

We have various fee structures to suite our client’s individual circumstances. For example, it may be that both parties have reached an agreement in relation to the division of their asset pool and wish to formalise the agreement by way of Consent Orders. Because agreement has been reached, we can offer a fixed price to draft the document. However if the parties have not reached an agreement and lengthy negotiations are required, it is not possible to quote a fixed fee.

We also offer capped fees for some services. For example, some of our clients require representation at a certain point in proceedings, commonly at trial.

Our fees (All amounts are inclusive of GST)

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