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Family Law Services


Family Law applies to both married and defacto couples and includes issues such as:

the division of assets and the provision of financial support
determining the living and care arrangements for children
the provision of child support/child maintenance
the formal dissolution of the marriage

Family Law is a complex area and it can be difficult to know where to start. For example:

What are you entitled to receive, or what arrangements for children are appropriate?
How should your problem be approached, and what process is best?
Should you access mediation services and if so, when?
What information do you need to provide. What is relevant and what is not?
If you negotiate an agreement, how do you make it legally binding and enforceable? What are the alternatives, and which is the best one for you?
Should you apply to a Court?
If you apply to Court, what should you seek and why? What forms do you need? What process is involved?
What happens if your case does not resolve by agreement in Court proceedings? What do you need to prepare, and how is it presented?

We have the experience and expertise to provide you with honest, straight forward advice on your most cost effective options.

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